The Union of Upper Secondary School Students in Finland

The Union of Upper Secondary School Students is a politically and religiously independent organisation founded in 1985. Our membership entitles its holder to thousand of benefits and discounts.

In addition to offering valuable benefits, we work hard to maintain and improve the conditions concerning secondary school students. We also produce a quality journal Improbatur and organise student activities around Finland. With over 50 000 members The Union of Upper Secondary School Students is the largest student organisation in Finland, that is based on voluntary membership.

By claiming your student benefits you support the important work of defending the rights of upper secondary school students.



Anyone studying in a Finnish upper secondary school (lukio) can become a member. By becoming a member, you will receive our official student card and be entitled to all of the benefits at the Frank benefit service. You can also claim international benefits by adding an ISIC-feature to your card. ISIC is the only internationally recognised student certificate that entitles you to thousands of benefits in 125 000 places and over 130 countries.


Check instructions for how to apply for membership to the Union of Upper Secondary School Students in Finland here.

Ordering a student card costs only 26 euros / 35 euros (20 euro annual membership fee + 6 euro fabrication fee + 9 euro ISIC feature). The card is valid for one academic year, until 30.9. After this you can renew your membership by paying the membership fee (20 euros) and receiving a sticker to put on your card for the following academic year. If you have a Finnish social security number you have the possibility to order a digital student card which only costs 20 euros (no fabrication fees or ISIC feature). The digital student card can be found in Frank App.

We are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding student life – check our contact information below!


2. Fill in your first and last name
3. Attach the documents needed

We need your student certificate and a photo of yourself.

4. Pay or order an invoice to your email

The card will go under production after you have paid your membership.

5. The card will be on its way!

The card will be delivered to you in about three weeks from your order.



The Union of Upper Secondary School Students in Finland

Töölönkatu 35 B
FI-00260 Helsinki


August Kiattrakoolchai
tel. +358 50 377 9700


Tatu Tuomaala