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Finnish International Baccalaureate Society is a student organisation that operates in Finland. It serves as a joint organisation for both IB students and IB graduates in the country. FIBS’s responsibility includes advancing the IB diploma’s familiarisation in Finland, ease the IB graduates’ journey into tertiary education, keep contact with the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO), oversee IB diploma students’ and graduates’ rights in general and to provide them with activities and services. FIBS’s board consists of active IB students and/or senior members elected by the general assembly. FIBS also has a board of representatives that takes care of the local communication between the members and the board.


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Finnish International Baccalaureate Society (FIBS) on Suomen IB-opiskelijoiden jäsenjärjestö, joka on ollut toiminnassa vuodesta 1994 lähtien. Tällä hetkellä ympäri Suomea toimii 17 IB-lukiota, joissa on yhteensä yli 1000 opiskelijaa. FIBSin hallituksessa on yhteensä 13 jäsentä, jotka tulevat ympäri Suomea.

FIBS ylläpitää ja huolehtii Suomessa olevien sekä Suomeen tulevien IB-opiskelijoiden oikeuksista. Me tavoittelemme IB tutkinnon arvostuksen korostamista sekä sen toimimista koko Suomessa. Toteuttaaksemme sen, olemme yhteydessä IB:n henkilökuntaan, yliopistoihin, sekä itse opiskelijoihin.


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Joining our actives network is very easy – just get in touch with us by e-mail at fibs [at]! After this, we know you’re interested so we will inform you of any opportunities to contribute and we are also open to proposals from your part. FIBS offers a multitude of ways to benefit your local or the national IB student community and earn some CAS hours out of the valuable work you are doing. Please stay in touch and updated with our organizational activity through our social media platforms.






If there are any concerns or need for consultation from the FIBS-board, please do not hesitate to contact us through our social media platforms or email. FIBS is very open to and encourage cooperation with schools and their respective student boards. Alternatively, student board members should take direct contact with our Chairman and Vice-Chairman regarding more urgent matters.